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The Cyprus' Registry is among the 10 leading merchant fleets of the world with 1.819 vessels corresponding to a total gross tonnage of 21,9 million. No one can deny that the island is now established as one of the leading maritime centres. More than 45 ship management companies and marine-related foreign enterprises conduct their international activities in the country, and most of the largest ship management companies in the world have established fully fledged offices on the island.


The accession of Cyprus to the European Union has undoubtedly had a considerable impact, both in terms of quality and quantity on the structure of the community fleet. In terms of tonnage, Cyprus accounts for 16% of the EU fleet, thus enhancing considerably the market share of the European fleet in international sea transport.


Cyprus is an attractive location for the establishment of Ship management companies and companies with shipping related activities. The geographical position of the island, its accession to the main international maritime conventions, as well as the generous tax incentives and the extensive network of bilateral agreements in merchant shipping, have enabled Cyprus to become an ideal shipping centre.


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