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Cyprus an Attractive Profile

I. Mediterranean island, the birthplace of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love

• Sunshine, beauty, blue — sea,
• Archaeology, Greek history, Mythology
• Cosmopolitan place famous for leisure, entertainment and recreation
• One of the world’s most popular I top tourist destinations
• Tourists more than three times the population
• Excellent infrastructure
• Highly advanced telecommunications
• World media, information gathering and distribution centre
• International flights connecting point and transit trade center (120 Airlines and 70 shipping lines — cruise ships)
• Foreign income 38% from tourism and 10% from services.


• Prime International, financial, business and shipping center.
• Over 60,000 international business and shipping companies operating from a base on the island.
• World’s largest third party ship management center.
• Lying at the hub of three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) at the strategic crossroads linking Europe with the Arab world and the Far East.


• Cyprus holds a historical and traditional position as the door of Europe to the Middle East and Gulf Countries
• Excellent friendly relations with both Israel and Arab countries and neutral place for respective promotion of business in the Middle East.
• Special dominating role of Cyprus as the world’s customary platform for expansion and investments in Russia, C.I.S. countries and Eastern Europe (Position consolidated after fall of communism due to the beneficial network of treaties with these countries, religious cultural affinity — Christian orthodox populations).

• Cyprus became a full member state of the European Union on 1st of May 2004 and since 1st January 2008 in the Euro currency area.
• Peace and stability for the last 32 years.
• Per capital GNP 17,058 EUR
• Per capita purchasing power (p.p.p.) 110.3% of European Union Average
• Ratings by Standard and Pours Al ÷ and AA
• High European standard of living but still inexpensive country
• The seventh least expensive of 56 leading international business centers.
• Western democratic system of government
• Free Market Economy
• Liberal regime and incentives for foreign investments
• Educated, skilled and versatile work force
• Modern stock exchange
• Constitutional safeguards and full legal protection of foreigners and foreign investors.