Areas of Practice

Credit And Indemnity Guarantee Facility

Facilities for the placement and underwriting of acceptable transactions for credit and indemnity guarantees in most major currencies for contracts in excess of One Million U.S. Dollars.

Underwriting facilities as given below are arranged and can be provided for established companies, who have the technical expertise, management experience and financial resources to undertake their contractual obligations:


  1. Underwriting many classes of insurance, including Principal Customer Default, Supplier Default, and Joint Venture Partnership, which involve a debtor/creditor relationship between commercial or industrial enterprises.
  2. Specialize Surety Company underwriting for many forms of bonds, guarantees, and indemnities including Performance and Advance Payment Bonds, Annuity and Financial Bond Guarantee
  3. Underwriting of leases for Tenant Default and Guarantor’s Personal Liability Protection relating to industrial and commercial properties.
  4. Contingency (insolvency) indemnities for Commercial transactions.
  5. Financial indemnities for the sale of assets and property, including management buy-outs’.
  6. Underwriting Deposit Insurance relating to deposits with Banks, Assurance Companies, Unit Trusts, and other Financial Institutions.
  7. Political and Country risk.


In addition to the above, we shall be pleased to review and advise on other forms and types of Credit and Indemnity Guarantees for which underwriting facilities are required.


We are well aware of the different requirements complexities and demands of the various industries of the world of commerce. If you have a reasonable and workable proposition, we will arrange for the provision of the necessary finance or facilities and tailor a scheme to suit your particular requirements.


The approach is simply for us to study your requirements or problem, and providing the proposal is acceptable and can be done within the confines of our services and investors and lenders portfolio requirements, we will arrange for it to be done.


If you require any further information or detailed advice on any possible transaction, then This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with details of your requirements.