Upward Trend in Investment Funds for June 2020

Upward Trend in Investment Funds for June 2020

According to data released by the Central Bank of Cyprus, the number of investment funds increased from 189 in March 2020 to 199 in June 2020, whereas there was an upward trend in total assets by approximately 3,5% to €5.760,6 million in June 2020, compared with €5.563,9 million in March 2020.

For June 2020, total assets amounted to 5,760,6 million, with equity being the most heavily invested area, gathering €2,091 million, followed by real estate at €632,4 million, mixed investments at €617,9 and bonds at €182,2 million. The remaining 2,236,9 million were placed in other investments.

The statistical analysis also shows that open end funds are most in demand, with €5,452,9 million being invested from the total assets amount, while investments in closed end funds were at €307,7 million.

Finally, €5,002.6 million of total liabilities were shares, €613,3 million were loans and €144,7 million in other liabilities including financial derivatives.

Source: http://www.goldnews.com.cy/en/economy/upward-trend-in-investment-funds-for-june-2020

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